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Our Services Abu Dhabi Police GHQ is keen to provide their electronic services to the public in various ways and tools. One of the most significant ways is the internet, and this system is one of these systems that are published on the internet to serve the public users. Registering in this system will allow you to be more aware of your traffic profile sensitive information, and enable you to perform some transactional services instead of going to traffic department to perform them.

In order to make use of the available e-services, the user needs to have a valid Emirates ID card and an active traffic file in the Federal Traffic and Licensing System. Then registration can be done easily by following simple steps to identify log-in credentials.

The services of this system in the current version are focused on: traffic profile, drivers licensing, vehicles, traffic fines and public services.
Traffic Profile's Services Registered users can view their traffic profiles’ information, and update their address details easily.

Registered users are also enabled to view all their payment receipts issued for their traffic profiles, save, print, and email them, and the users can submit a request for traffic information and awareness-raising and for visiting the directorate of traffic and patrols.

In addition, they can view the traffic profile fines, and pay them via credit cards in a secure environment.
Drivers' Services Registered users can view their driving licenses’ information, update the address information and view the traffic violations issued on their licenses, and pay them via credit cards in a secure environment.

Also, the users will be able to perform the following services:
  • Renew driving license
  • Issuance of a replacement for a lost driving license
  • Issuance of a replacement for a damaged driving license
  • Cancel driving license
  • Add category to the driving license
  • Cancel category from the driving license
  • Issuance of a temporary driving permit
  • Driving trainer permit issuance
  • Issuance of driving license or foreign driving license replacement
  • Cancel driving trainer permit
  • Cancelling a temporary driving permit
  • Change Try Date (for users who haven’t got their driving license and have an active try files)
Vehicles' Services Registered users can view their registered vehicles, and the full details of each vehicle as registered in the Traffic System, also the users can view the vehicle certificates, accidents, payment receipts and traffic fines, and ensure paying the fines (if any).

Also, the user has the option to view all vehicles' certificates, all the reserved plates and the details of the vehicles rented by Abu Dhabi police, and check their turns’ status.

In addition, the following services are available:
  • Registration Ownership Transfer
  • Issue New Vehicle Registration (Light Vehicle - Heavy – Motorcycle)
  • Change Color or Type for registered vehicles
  • Vehicle Application's Requests
    • Responding to traffic accidents
    • Technical inspection of the vehicle
    • Plate information modification
    • Vehicle registration card data modification
  • Vehicle Transactional Services in which payment can be done online
    • Vehicle registration renewal
    • Lost vehicle registration card replacement
    • Damaged vehicle registration card replacement
    • Issuance of permit to export vehicle inside UAE
    • Issuance of permit to export vehicle outside UAE
    • Issuance of permit to issue vehicles plate (damaged plate)
    • Lost vehicle plate replacement
Traffic Fines Services This section includes the following services related to the traffic fines, in which the user can view the fines (if any), pay or transfer the fines.
  • Traffic Fines Archive, and Retrieve the Value of Violations Paid By Mistake
  • Transferring Traffic Violations to the Court
  • Transferring Traffic Violations from Vehicles to Driving License
  • Transferring Traffic Violations from Rent Vehicles to Driving license
  • Traffic Violations Clearance Certificate
  • Inquiry and Payment for Traffic Violations, and the Remaining Period of The Withdrawn Licenses
Public Services This section includes a range of services which can be used by any user can - whether logged in, or not.

The current services include the following:

Inquiring about the traffic fines’ materials, in which the user can inquire for a specific material using its code, or retrieve all the materials that have a specific keyword, or simply retrieve all the materials. For each material, the amount, black points and full text description is provided.

Inquiring for a vehicle certificate, in which the user can check the vehicle certificate via its number, and view all the related details.

Inquiring for payment receipts, in which the user can check the receipt through its number. If found, the user can print, save, translate, and email the receipt to the concerned party.

Inquiring for vehicle accidents, in which the user can retrieve all the accidents related to a specific vehicle using its chassis number and check the full details of each accident.

Inquiring for reserved plates’ expiry dates, in which the user can check the expiry date for a specific reserved plate.
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